"We Eloped"


So you’ve decided to elope! Within your elopement checklist, when it comes to sending out elopement announcements, one of the first things you need to decide is if you want to send a pre elopement announcement and invite others to join, or if you are simply announcing your elopement after you’ve said, “I do".

Elopement announcement ideas:

After eloping, many people like to share their happiness with everyone they love. Whether it’s just an announcement you got married or you want to send an elopement party invitation for a post honeymoon celebration. Here are some ideas for announcing your elopement your way.

Digital elopement announcement:

Much like elopement invitations, this is an excellent option for those who may not have a lot of time to plan, and are looking to save money on announcements. This can be in the form of email or text, and you can outsource the design to vendors within the Etsy community.

Social media elopement announcement:

This is an easy avenue to reach a lot of people really quickly. Naturally that makes it a great option if you’re limited on time, but also if you have a large list of people you’d like to share your announcement with. Since exclusivity is likely not the goal with this announcement, multiple social media platforms can be used to get the message out.

Printed elopement announcement:

Whether you are sending a “just married” announcement or sending an invitation to a post elopement celebration, the timeline of creating a physical announcement can vary. You will not be confined to a deadline of announcing an elopement after the fact, which makes this a great option for those who want to do something special without feeling rushed.

Some great options for printed announcements are:

Shutterfly elopement announcements
Zazzle elopement announcement
Minted elopement announcements

Elopement announcement wording ideas:

When announcing you’ve eloped, many couples like to include a favorite photograph from their elopement. Doing this helps your loved ones feel connected to your special day. If you haven’t chosen a photographer, see a list of our recommended Elopement Photographers here. The details you’ll include in this announcement will vary based on type.

“We Eloped” announcement wording:

Make sure to include:

Post elopement party invitation wording:

Make sure to include:
Date of elopement
Location of elopement
Event details