Geographical Guide to Utah Elopements

Geographical Guide to Utah Elopements

Geographical Guide to Utah Elopements

The Ultimate Geographical Guide for Utah Elopements

Geographical Guide to Utah Elopements: Utah offers some of the most diverse landscapes in all of the United States. Thanks to the wonderful diversity, there is a location perfect for elopements nearly any day out of the year. In this article, we will provide a season-by-season guide, along with some local incite on how to make your elopement spectacular no matter the time of year.

Geographical Guide to Utah Elopements: Northern Utah

‘Off the Beaten Path’

For the perfect northern Utah elopement, we recommend looking to the mountains. The Uinta’s allow you and your closes friends and family to avoid the crowds and escape into nature. Northern Utah offers many beautiful National Parks that would be an amazing location for outdoor elopement. If you and your partner are looking to get ‘off the beaten path, we recommend Washington Lake in the Uinta’s. At the Washington Lake Campground, you will find tables, barbeques, and restrooms. The Washington Lake Campground is open from July 1 – to September 25th, and they do take reservations.

Geographical Guide for Utah Elopement - Northern Utah Mountains       Geographical Guide for Utah Elopement - Northern Utah Mountains

Geographical Guide Tip: Personal Favorite Utah Elopement Location

If you want to keep your elopement closer to Salt Lake City, we recommend one of the two Cottonwood Canyons. The Cottonwood Canyons are only about 30 – 45 minutes away from the heart of Salt Lake City, making it the perfect location for a quick day trip. At the top of Big Cottonwood Canyon, you will find Guardsman’s Pass. On the East side of Gaurdsmans Pass, there is ‘The Church of Dirt’. The Church of Dirt makes for one of the best elopement locations in all of Utah. There is no reservation system, no fees.

Northern Utah Elopement - Geographical Guide to the Utah Mountains - Guardsman's Pass       Utah Elopement with Beautiful Scenery - Geographical Guide to making this a reality in Utah Mountains, Guardsman's Pass

Geographical Guide Tip: Northern Utah Catering

You have many different options when it comes to catering in northern Utah. We decided to pick out two of our personal favorite restaurants that offer catering near Salt Lake City.

Our first, and more casual, the choice would have to be Davanza’s in Park City. Davanza’s is a local favorite, and they offer everything from pizza to tacos. Davanza’s would be a great option, especially if you will be eloping at the Dirt Church, which is only 20 minutes away.

Second, for a more portable option perfect for a picnic by a lake, we would recommend Harmons Grocery. Harmons offers a great variety of easy-to-transport foods. They also offer custom cakes and made-to-order desserts.

Geographical Guide to Utah Elopements: Southern Utah

‘ Geo Guide for Off the Beaten Path’

If you and your partner are looking to avoid the crowds in southern Utah, we recommend checking out the La Sal Mountains near Moab Utah. The La Sals look over Moab’s beautiful red rock landscape. Warner campground in the La Sals is the perfect location for your adventurous elopement. At the campground, you will find nice picnic areas that look out over the lake. This area is typically ready to go by mid to late June.

Elope in the Southern Utah Mountains in the La Sals, Southern Utah in Moab.

Elopement Guide for Keeping it around town

If getting deep into the wilderness is quite your thing, you can’t go wrong with Arches National Park. Within Arches, you will find dozens of picnic areas and viewpoints. To avoid the crowds, it is best to go during the week. Arches National Park does get a very heavy amount of tourist traffic, especially on the weekend.

Geographical Guide Tip: Southern Utah Catering

Within Moab, there are a number of great restaurants to choose from if you want to keep it simple. One of our personal favorites is Pasta Jay’s. But, if you are looking to get a bit more extravagant Moab Chef Services offers a wide variety of dishes to choose from to cater to any size event.