Elopement Packages

Elopement packages

There’s a lot to account for when planning your elopement! If you’re one of the growing number of couples looking for a non-traditional wedding experience, or even if you’re just looking to tie the knot as quickly and cheaply as possible (and perhaps secretly?), eloping isn’t as easy as running away to the courthouse and getting your marriage license. Will you be riding the destination elopement trend? Even if you aren’t, you’ll still need a venue. Are you going to put your savings from a small ceremony toward the perfect wedding dress or go with more low-key elopement attire? Will you need a photographer or videographer to document your fairytale elopement? What about food? You don’t want to be exchanging vows amid the majestic backdrop of Bryce Canyon or Zion National Park only for your stomach to interrupt and remind you that elopements need catering too (even if it is only for two)! A florist and band could add a special ambience to your special day, or if we’re being honest with ourselves, make you the envy of social media. On that note, is this getaway just for the two of you, is it a micro-wedding, or do you need an IT setup for a virtual, socially distant wedding? And oh yeah, did you remember to book an officiant amid all that chaos or are you going to be flying in a 24-hour match-maker from Vegas on the day of?

The point is, many people turn to elopement or micro-weddings because they’re supposed to be low-stress and laid-back, but there is every possibility that they turn you into the raving lunatic we all know and talk behind the back of! So why put the burden of planning every little thing on yourself when you can save time, money, and sanity by booking a dedicated elopement package? If you are a meticulous planner who wants to piece together the perfect a la carte experience, then check out our blog for more elopement ideas than you can shake a bouquet at, but if you want a fast and easy wedding, let professional planners take the stress out of planning your elopement so you can focus on the fun stuff like your honeymoon. These professionals can provide every service you’d expect at a traditional wedding and they know the ins and outs of elopement in Utah (hint: you will get the most Instagrammable ceremony spot). Packages range from car-camper cheap to “we’re only eloping because I can’t get through a social gathering without somebody pitching an investment opportunity to me.” Read on for the elopement help you need!

Flexible Elopement Packages

Elopify (ranging from $1,365 – $8,249+)

Non-traditional Bride and Groom pictureThe folks at Elopify describe themselves as “a community of elopement planners, elopement officiants and photographers” whose “mission is to make your elopement special and unforgettable.” Offering “expertly picked elopement places with exceptionally beautiful views” or servicing any location of your choosing by request, Elopify makes it easy for the destination eloper. Their most basic package, coming in at a thrifty $1,365, includes the ceremony, officiant, help with vows, 2 hours of personal consultation and planning, coordination with vendors and the venue, and the filing of your marriage license. More robust package options add in perks like photographers and videographers, an elopement concierge, hair and makeup artists, musicians, flower bouquets, and even a private helicopter ride. The most popular package, the “Prestige Plus,” comes in at $3,042. Elopify’s elopement packages are flexible enough to satisfy those looking for an easy and affordable ceremony or those looking to make their friends jealous.

Adventure Elopement Packages

Knots in the Pines (ranging from $,2000 – $4,000+)

Moab destination elopementKnots in the Pines are all about providing an adventurous, outdoorsy elopement experience. Professing to “make elopements stress-free, personal, and a hell of a good time,” they’ll assist with planning, photography, guided wilderness hikes, park permits, snacks, and can even set the mood with live acoustic guitar. Their basic package ($2,000 + travel + permits) includes all of the above for 4 hours, while their high end package ($4,000 + travel) lasts all day long and adds in traditional wedding goodies like flowers, food, cake, and a musical request. Knots in the Pines services both English and Spanish speakers, and they also provide packages for micro-wedding experiences.




Halie West Photography (ranging from $3,200 – $6,000+)

Bryce Canyon destination elopementHalie West advertises “a Utah adventure that feels like you” and says that she wants “you to feel seen, heard, and connected during your elopement.” Halie works with her clients to create customized elopement experiences full of adventure and is willing to do location scouting and give advice on fun outdoor activities in the area, as well as ceremony permit advice to make sure there are no legal issues. Halie offers 4 hour sessions starting at $3,200, but also offers 8 hour sessions or multi-day elopement adventures with higher end packages.


Sam Starns’ Elope Your Life Experience (ranging from $3,900 – $4,800+)

Capital Reef destination elopementThe Elope Your Life team are a passionate bunch dedicated to helping “free spirited and fun couples craft enthusiastic elopement days in dramatic places.” Sam’s so passionate about the topic, in fact, that she wrote a book about it and includes it in all of her packages! Some unique elopements she’s photographed before included hot air ballooning, kayaking, rock climbing, and even dog sledding! On that note, Elope Your Life makes a point of mentioning that they are pet-friendly. Packages vary in price based on which team photographer you choose, but all of them include a vetted and “customized list of vendors that are handpicked especially for your location and needs” so that you don’t have to stress about finding florists or caterers or musicians on your own. Elope Your Life can also officiate your elopement.

Professional Elopement Packages

Weddings with a Twist (starting at $7,000)

Bride and groom cakeWeddings with a Twist have been in the wedding planning business since 2011 and have been featured on multiple awards lists for their services. Originally based in Milwaukee, they’ve seen how popular destination weddings and elopements are and are now servicing Utah, among other locations. Their all-inclusive package, starting at $7,000, covers elopement photography, videography, hair and makeup styling, as well as planning and coordinating services. If you’re looking for a company with professional elopement experience and a great reputation, look no further than Weddings with a Twist.

Mountain micro wedding

These are just a few of the best dedicated elopement packages we’ve found here at UtahElope but we’re always on the lookout for more, so make sure to check back and bookmark our blog! [internal link to blog page] And if these easy and inclusive packages aren’t quite customized enough for you, the blog is definitely the spot for you to find all of the best elopement ideas, vendors, and destinations.