Share Your Utah Elopement Announcement In Style

Share Your Utah Elopement Announcement In Style

Announcing Your Utah Elopement in Style:

Look no further for your Elopement help! In this article we’ll provide all the information you need to send your elopement announcment to family, friends, and the world. With our expert advice, you’ll learn how to craft a captivating narrative that merges your love for Utah’s natural beauty with the joy of declaring your commitment all while being in style.

How to Create an Announcement:

Select Your Announcement Style:

Whether you prefer traditional paper announcements or digital invites, there are endless options for announcing your elopement.

Traditional: With a traditional approach, you’ll be letting your loved ones know through physical announcements, whether that be an announcement card or an elopement photo album. When sending your announcement to your close family and friends, it’s important to keep it personal.

Digital: The digital path takes a much more modern route, simply making posts on relevant social medias that your mutual may use to inform them of your upcoming elopement. You could also create a unique elopement announcement via digital card, from a site such as Canva.

If you’re looking for creative inspiration for your announcement, here are 16 great examples from

DIY Wedding InvitationDIY Wedding InvitationDIY Wedding Invitations

Things to Include in Your Announcement:

When announcing your elopement, be sure to follow standard elopement announcement etiquette – include all the essential details, such as:

Couples’ Names: Start with the names of the individuals getting married.
Wedding Date and Location: Mention the date of your wedding and where it took place, like one of Utah’s National Parks!
Brief Story or Message: Share a brief story about your relationship, how you met, or what led to your decision to get married. Alternatively, you could include a personal message about your love and commitment to each other.
Acknowledgment of Family and Friends: Thank your family and friends for their love and support. You can express your gratitude for their role in your lives and your wedding.
Future Plans: If you have any plans for the future, such as where you’ll be living or honeymoon destinations, you can mention them in your announcement.
Photos: Include one or more photos of you and your partner, whether it’s from your wedding day or another special moment. This adds a personal touch to your announcement.

Contact Information: Provide your contact details or a link to your wedding website.
Closing: End with a warm closing, such as “With love,” “Cheers,” or “Best wishes,” followed by your names.
Optional Details: Depending on your preferences, you can include additional details such as any cultural or religious customs incorporated into your ceremony.

Share the News on Social Media:

In today’s digital age, announcing your elopement on social media is a fantastic way to reach a wide audience and share the excitement with friends and family near and far. Consider sharing a beautiful photo from your elopement along with a heartfelt caption.

Create a Photo Album of Your Elopement:

Preserve the memories of your special day by creating a stunning elopement photo album. If you are in search of photographers check out the rest of our site for recommendations!

If you haven’t yet decided on a Utah elopement package or places to get eloped, you can find a list on our website.