Zion National Park: The Perfect Spot For Your Elopement

Zion National Park: The Perfect Spot For Your Elopement

Zion Background

In 1919, the formerly known Mukuntuweap was founded into Zion National Park, which would soon become one of Utah’s most famous national parks. Zion was a place where early settlers would gather for numerous religious and recreational reasons. With exponential arches, red rocks, rivers, and views, Zion is easily one of the most beautiful places to explore in the western United States and is currently ranked #5 on U.S. News “Best National Parks” list. Home to hiking, Zion hosts millions of visitors per year. For more information about Zion National Park, click here.

Photo of elopement destination, Zion National Park in Utah.

Zion Lodging

Zion National Park has many great lodging options for every budget. An amazing option that will create lasting memories is Under Canvas in Zion. You and your partner will get to experience glamping like never before. With private tents, culinary excellence, and smores, Under Canvas will make your Zion elopement unforgettable. Another lodge is the Zion Lodge located right inside Zion National Park. Staying here will give you and your partner easy access to hikes and the breathtaking Utah scenery. With so many great Zion lodging options, relaxing and spending quality time after your elopement is a guarantee.

Transportation in Zion

It is very easy for visitors to get around the park. There are two shuttle routes that cover stops from the visitor center all the way to trailheads and scenic overlooks. When the shuttle is in operation, typically from March to November, the Zion Canyon Scenic Drive is closed to private vehicles. Visitors can check the shuttle schedule on the park’s website or stop at the visitor center as they park on their way in to get information. Parking is also available outside of the popular south entrance in the town of Springdale where a shuttle will take you into the park. Cycling is one of the better ways to get through Zion. The Pa’rus Trail offers a paved route for walkers and cyclists to navigate the park and observe wildlife and different views of the beautiful scenery.

Best Times to Take Pictures in Zion

Red Rock Wedding
Zions National Park, Utah Elopement – Bride and Red Rock

When attempting to decide what time would be best for your perfect day, it is important to consider what specific location within Zion you are planning for. All of the gorgeous spots located within the national park have different times in which their lighting is optimal. We will go through 5 of Zions’ most sought out spots and their best times to ensure your desired lighting preferences so that you can achieve the pictures of your dreams. For photo inspiration, check out this Pinterest page.

Court of the Patriarchs

Three grand mountain peaks will frame your photos at this beautiful location, along with the Virgin River and its waterfalls. This spot is best at sunrise or sunset, as you can catch a glimpse of cotton candy skies. There is also a bridge located underneath it that is just as stunning. This location offers the most perfect sunrise shots, with the mountains in the background accompanied by a milky waterfall. If you are looking for a location with variety, this is the one for you.

The Watchman View

One of Zion’s most iconic photography hotspots, The Watchman View, is the perfect spot to get a full view of the Virgin River while elevated upon the bridge. This spot is best lit during sunsets, making it one of the busiest spots. Make sure you get there early since parking is limited during this time.

Canyon Junction Bridge

Another popular spot for photography is Canyon Junction Bridge. With a great view of Watchman Mountain, this location has the best lighting during sunrise and sunset. Although the mountain to the south does not get direct sunlight, you can still expect the possibility of a purple, pink, and orange sky. Similar to The Watchman View, you can expect hoards of people on the bridge, so the earlier you get there, the better.

Zion NP
Zion NP

Towers of the Virgin

Characterized by an epic wall of red rock mountains, Towers of the Virgin is located just behind the Natural History Museum. This spot has the best lighting at sunrise and sunset. At sunrise, the wall will turn orange, and at sunset, the wall shifts to deeper, richer colors. A versatile spot that won’t be hard to miss.

Clear Creek

If you are looking to get shots featuring spectacular slot canyons, Clear Creek is the right spot for you. Just off the beaten path is miles and miles of dry creek bed, making this spot unique. The lighting here is good in the mornings and evenings.

No matter what time of day you are looking to get your elopement photos done, Zion National Park has a variety of spots and locations to fit your needs and desires. There is no better place for the adventurous couple’s special day than Zion National Park. For a list of wonderful wedding photographers, check out this page on our website.

Best Seasons for Elopement

The best seasons to elope in Zion National Park are during the spring and fall. For Utah, these months will include March, April, May, September, October, and November. Depending on the season chosen, you will witness different tones and moods within the area. The spring will include stunning views of blooming buds, light air, and greenery; however, springtime can also accompany the risk of rainfall. The fall can be the perfect time to enjoy hiking and exploring, as you will be able to relish the autumn colors throughout the canyon in cooler weather while avoiding large crowds. The winter would be another great alternative if you don’t mind the snow and colder climate. Lastly, it would be best to avoid Zion’s during the summer due to the extremely hot temperatures and immense gatherings of tourists.
Photo of elopement destination, Zion National Park in Utah.