5 Reasons You Should Elope in a Utah National Park

5 Reasons You Should Elope in a Utah National Park


A traditional wedding is a major investment, starting at a price of $30,000 and only rises from there. If you are looking for an affordable alternative that will have the ability to provide the same dream experience as a traditional wedding does, then elopement is the perfect alternative for you. The overall cost of an elopement ranges anywhere between $5,000 to $15,000, a far cry from the high price of a traditional wedding. This is because the way in which you book and plan for an elopement differs drastically from that of a traditional wedding, which we will break down.

Holding an elopement within a National Park here in Utah requires the purchase of a permit and a wedding license. Thankfully, a wedding license typically costs less than $50. The prices of permits, however, vary depending on the specific National Park you intend to hold your elopement. Here is a list of all of Utah’s National Parks and their corresponding permit prices:

  • Arches National Park: $185
  • Canyonlands National Park: $185
  • Capital Reef National Park: $50
  • Bryce Canyon National Park: $100
  • Zion National Park: $100

The cost of National Park venues is minuscule in comparison to those of traditional wedding venues. The average cost of a wedding venue is between $5,300 to $7,100, taking up a good chunk of the overall price mentioned earlier, being $30,000 for a traditional wedding overall. In contrast, booking a venue within a National Park can cost anywhere between $60 to $200.

Overall, choosing to elope in a Utah National Park is a decently affordable alternative to a traditional wedding. It would allow you to spend more of your budget on other important aspects of your special day, such as buying the dress of your dreams or hiring that high-end videographer you’d die to have. The finer details are just as important as the main event.

Aesthetically Pleasing

While eloping in the great outdoors of Utah can be much more affordable than your average wedding, it is also quite beautiful, and may even offer a better aesthetic than a coordinated event. The national parks in Utah offer larger-than-life monuments that can be great staples for an elopement destination. To mention a couple, Arches National Park encompasses winding\ trails and high arches under the sun just north of Moab. Capitol Reef, located in Utah’s South Central Desert, is a quiet, green paradise.  While there are plenty of other beautiful spaces in Utah to elope, that gives a visual representation of how your elopement can feel zen.

Not only are there beautiful scenic views for your elopement, but you are also able to capture amazing photos for your wedding announcement. Photography in Utah can accentuate something as beautiful as a marriage very well. While the best time to photograph this landscape is sunrise or sunset, you will be sure to have astounding photographs for your memories. Here are a few things to think about when choosing your elopement photographer. Not sure where to find the right photographer? We have a few recommendations:

1. https://www.photographybytasharose.com/

2. https://austendiamondphotography.com/

3. https://brandonburkphotography.com/

Intimate Ceremony

Eloping can be a very intimate occasion where only those closest to you and your spouse are involved. This cuts out the unnecessary stress that comes with planning a wedding for 100+ people. When eloping in a Utah national park, you will experience a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to appreciate nature and love. Your closest family and friends will never forget your special day and your bonds will grow stronger. Your national park elopement can become even more intimate if you choose to only have you, your spouse, and an officiant. This, too, will be an unforgettable experience that you will cherish forever.

Since eloping is intimate, there is not as much planning needed which will reduce your stress immensely. A lot of the traditional wedding planning like making invitations, booking catering for a large group, booking a venue and hoping it is available on your special date, etc. While there is still planning involved in eloping in any Utah national park, you only need to plan for a few special people. If you need help with a basic checklist, here is a step-by-step guide to help make your dream elopement a reality.


Are you interested in going green on your special day? Did you know that deciding to elope is actually considered one of the most sustainable wedding solutions to choose from amongst all others? This can be due to three crucial reasons. Firstly, eloping inevitably shortens the number of guests, which reduces the number of personalized wedding gifts, decor, or favors. Secondly, eloping eliminates the purpose for proper invitations, props, and other wedding supplies that are heavily used during traditional weddings ceremonies and receptions. Lastly, eloping decreases the amount of food and waste consumption Bride holding a bouquet of flowers over her headsignificantly.

Most products that account for “waste” during a wedding largely include food and drink, plasticware, flowers, and so much more, which in most cases, are not considered biodegradable.  In fact, the average wedding in the U.S. produces approximately 400 pounds of waste, accompanied by a total of 63 tons of CO2. Yikes! That cannot be good for our ecosystem, health, or wallets! If eco-friendly elopements interest you, Utah may be the ideal location for you and your significant other. Utah is home to many different National Parks that will surely make for the perfect sustainable elopement. Go green, help the planet, and enjoy the breathtakingly natural canyons that Utah has to offer.

You’re Already at Your Honeymoon Destination!

Another benefit that comes with eloping in Utah is the convenience of your honeymoon location. With 5 national parks in the southern half of the state, your honeymoon destination does not have to require a plane ticket. Whether you explore the national park you chose to elope in or road trip to a neighboring national park, there are so many destinations to choose from.

National Parks in Utah

Shown on the map to the left, the orange areas represent the national parks. You can easily hit multiple parks in one trip to be sure your honeymoon expectations are met. If you started in Arches National Park and ended up in Zion National Park, you can drive through all 5 parks in just 6.5 hours! This could easily be spread out within a few days. Or focus all your time on the beauty and recreation that just one park has to offer.

These Utah views don’t always have to be enjoyed by camping. If you’re looking for a more glamorous honeymoon you can always check out secluded Airbnb destinations like the Zion Eco Cabin that sleeps two. Canyonlands also has many private accommodations to offer like the Domes At Canyonlands. Whether it be an Airbnb, a hotel, or other private housing, booking lodging ahead of time allows peace of mind so you can truly enjoy the time together with your partner after the elopement ceremony.