Elopement on a Budget

Elopement on a Budget

This is the most exciting time of your life. There is no time for the stress or anxiety of payment plans, large sticker prices, and strict budgeting. Eloping is meant to be a whirlwind experience signifying your love and commitment to one another. Your day and dreams should not have to be cut short due to high prices. Planning an elopement with a budget in mind is the best way to turn your most elaborate wedding dreams into a reality.

Places to Stay for your Elopement

What will make your elopement to Utah even better, is staying in a place that makes you feel at home. Hotels in southern Utah have an average price per night of $150, which only provides one room. However, with the same price, you will have options like renting out a whole guest house or an aesthetic cabin on Airbnb.

Compared to a hotel room, renting a house will not only cost you less money for a long stay but also provides you with many amenities hotels don’t have. For example, a house will come with a kitchen, where you can cook homemade dinner with your family; a washer and a dryer, in case your favorite outfit got dirty on accident; some places will even come with a swimming pool, a hot tub for you and your loved ones to have tons of fun just staying home. If you are looking to have a wonderful time bonding with your partner without hurting your wallet too much, Airbnb is definitely where to go to find your dream destinations! Below are two amazing options for you to consider.

Entire guesthouse in Ivins Utah

Condo in St. George

If you’re looking into a more rustic cabin style, there are some places that are a little more expensive, but will give you the scenic view of nature and completely take you away from the modern city feel. Check out these cabins on Airbnb that will be perfect for your elopement wedding and even, a private and intimate honeymoon.

Cabin in Park City Utah

Cabin in Big Cotton Wood Canyon, Utah

Another advantage that Airbnb has over hotels is, you can read reviews about the hosts from previous guests. You can also message the host and ask any questions you have about the place before you make your decision. Hosts are usually more flexible about check-in and check-out times than hotels, and will give you some tips on great places to visit nearby!

When finding your elopement destination, it is important to do your research. You want to make sure the travel, aesthetic, and climate all works in regards to your inspiration and style.

Custom Tailored Elopement Wedding Dresses

There’s no reason why your wedding dress can’t be both beautiful and wallet friendly.  Planning a budget-friendly wedding can be difficult in finding the right match for you.  Brides can spend on average approximately $1,500 on their wedding dresses in the U.S., but high-quality dresses can be found without that high price tag.  Shopping online for a wedding dress can seem risky, but a lower price, easy returns, and tailor options make it very appealing.  All of the options below take on a budget-friendly approach to wedding dresses, with some going as low as $200 or $300 for the perfect dress.

CocoMelody offers breathtaking wedding dresses, many available under the $500 range.  If you’re unsure about the color you can order swatches of fabric, and it does take a few weeks after you place your order for it to be ready for you.  Since they are made-to-order, buying many and keeping one is not allowed, with a 30% restocking fee if you return (which can be a dealbreaker for some).  However, CocoMelody ensures following close to the sizing chart (getting yourself measured), ordering swatches, and browsing through numerous available reviews and pictures will help you feel confident in your purchase.


A-Line Wedding Dress CW2710 | Cocomelody

Illusion Wedding Dress CW2294 | Cocomelody

Azazie is another wedding dress site that might fit your wedding elopement needs here in Utah.  All of its selection is under $750, with many in the $400-$500 dollar range.  They provide swatches for fabric and color (providing 3 for free for new customers) as well as advertising an at-home try-on program where you can pick three wedding dresses for $15 dollars each.  You are then to return them all with the free return shipping provided, and Azazie will custom tailor it for you free of purchase.  All dresses are made to order, but their at-home try-on option makes this site appealing if you are iffy after looking at the reviews.

Azazie Arnett BG Wedding Dresses | Azazie

Azazie Devi BG Wedding Dresses | Azazie

If you’re hoping for a unique wedding dress option Etsy is also a popular market for locally handmade items.  Depending on the dress, it can be a lot pricier, but as a small business, you’d be sure to stand out.  Many options are less than $1k, and site discounts may take an expensive dress and make it affordable.  Some dresses including the celestial and boho wedding gowns from Floraandlane are mostly discounted from over $1k to $700-$900 for their samples.  If you’re not looking for something as expensive, LaceBridal offers plenty of flowy, lace wedding dresses that usually sit around the $300 or up to $500 dollar range.  The long train is a signature for most of the dresses, perfect for walking down the aisle.  This is a solid budget wedding dress option since prices are lower and the dresses look absolutely stunning.  Many don’t accept returns of custom-made orders, dresses at LaceBridal can take up to a month to produce.  Custom-tailored to fit you perfectly, and with many reviews, this could still end up being a confident purchase.  Florandlane offers at-home try-on, with many of the gowns available for shipment for $125 fee apiece.  If the gown you try on is what you liked, it can go towards your overall purchase.  Their numerous reviews, unique gowns, and 40% limited sale make this option that much more appealing.  Of course, there are a lot more sellers mentioned on Etsy than the ones above, so it is encouraged that you browse the site on your own.

floraandlane | Etsy

LaceBridal | Etsy

Wedding Elopement Decor

Disco Elopement Theme

Since the theme of most elopement photo shoots are centered around stepping outside of the non traditional wedding styles, elopement shoots are known for incorporating various props such as florals, large picture frames, picnic props, color themed fabrics, and disco balls for most wedding shoot inspiration. These sleek and simplistic prop elements complement the beauty of the shooting location. Many couples choose to incorporate their decor to a minimum. This is to assist in reducing stress so you can focus on enjoying your time. Make sure that you research your photographer, so capture all of the important details of your big day!

Samantha Michell Photos

Furniture is a fun and unique way to incorporate fabrics, florals, as well as wedding color themes, and provide a minimalist feel in addition to a unique shooting experience. This allows you to express your style and preferred color pallet that you have always dreamed that your wedding will have. Other props that have become popular is the use of disco balls, record players, and other additional vintage pieces. Elopement style weddings give you the freedom to implement your unique flair. With a few small themed props, you can create an aesthetic that compliments your personality and uniqueness.

Austen Diamond Photography

As for choosing your venue, it is important to ensure that it emulates the desired style of your choice. Going through an Elopement Checklist can aid finding your perfect inspiration and making sure your stress says to a minimum.

Food for your Elopement

One of the essential parts of any elopement is food. Whether you have a few people or just you two, there are many options that can bring a calm end to the day. Depending on where you go you might find less variety but here are some great options to make everyone happy.

Lucky 13

Since 1991 Lucky 13 has offered one of the best local experiences in Salt Lake City. Lucky 13 is known by locals as the best burgers around. It was also voted as the “Best Burger in Utah” by Yelp and Trip Advisor. Not only do they offer burgers but the restaurant doubles as a bar, offering local brews. Lucky 13 offer great quality at a budget price. Because of the price and quality Lucky 13 is elopement friendly.

Even more important than the food is the vibe you end your happy day on. Lucky 13 offers a calm but fun atmosphere, perfect for a small group of close friends and family. Catering is not available, but you can order ahead and bring food to your wedding location.

Itto Sushi

Who said that sushi isn’t the new most romantic food? Sushi is a great way to celebrate big moments. When it comes to sushi you have to make sure you pick the right place. Itto Sushi is the perfect sushi place that has rolls for people who don’t normally enjoy sushi as well as the avid sushi lover.

They offer a wide range of fried rolls to traditional nigiri. The wide range of  Itto offers a low key feel that allows you two and a select few to reminisce about your biggest milestone yet. Because of the variety and price Itto Sushi is elopement friendly.


If you’re not looking to travel far from your wedding location a picnic is the best option for you. Picnics allow you and your guests to enjoy a simple and tasteful meal right where the action is. The best part about a picnic is everyone can pitch in. Picnics are elopement friendly and offers a budget price. There are many ideas of things to prepare. Always remember to keep it simple and clean to eat. Some ideas include sandwiches, wraps, and macaroni salad.

Picnic Inspiration

Wedding Bands for your Elopement

Traditionally, the rule of thumb for purchasing a wedding ring is to combine two months of your income. However, more budget-friendly wedding alternatives have come to light.


Moissanite engagement rings are becoming increasingly more popular. In regards to durability, diamonds rank a 10 on the Mohs scale. The moissanite stone comes in shortly behind at 9.25. The durability factor of moissanite proves that it is scratch-resistant and able to retain its clarity over time. A one-carat diamond ring has a starting cost of around $5,000. A one-carat moissanite ring has a starting price of around $400. To the average person, it is almost impossible to notice a difference between the two stones. Moissanite reflects a rainbow spectrum of light which is the key differential indicator against a diamond. With both stones looking almost identical, it is a great idea to go with Moissanite as an affordable wedding ring alternative.

Moissanite Engagement Ring


As another alternative to the hefty price tag that diamonds provide, several Etsy should provide affordable engagement rings. LPLJewelry is a shop from Latvia that has hundreds of rings to choose from. Their rings range from oval and radiant to double stone and square. This shop has options for every style. Are you wanting to stray away from the traditional stone engagement ring and choose a simple band? LPLJewelry has you covered. Their rings are very affordable ranging from $20-$60.

Sarah Linda Photography

There is no need to carry the burden of wondering if you can afford your dream elopement with all of these great alternatives. Create the best day of your life and the greatest start towards forever with your loved one.