How to Wow with your Elopement Announcement

How to Wow with your Elopement Announcement

Are you looking to make a splash with friends and family when making an elopement announcement? In this article, we will walk you through a few great ideas that are sure to impress your friends!

Social Media Elopement Announcement

The first thing you want to consider when announcing you are eloping is whether you would like to do it on social media or through the mail. This can be a big decision for many couples, as the way they communicate with their friends and family can differ greatly. If you would like to make an elopement announcement on Instagram, you have a variety of ways to go about it and make a big impression. If your goal is to elope in private, then posting your elopement announcement at your wedding can be a way to generate lots of buzz and shock all of your friends. This can be risky as people will feel left out, but simply posting a few pictures from your big day after it happens is a big hit for many people who elope. If you go down this path, one of the most vital aspects of it is having a great caption. Many people will be surprised or confused at first, so highlighting the elopement and your future with your new spouse is vital to making a good social media announcement. You can find some examples of great elopement announcement captions below!

  • Married in _______
  • Forever started today
  • Tying the knot in nature
  • The view was the second-best part of today

Elopement Announcement Cards

If you want a more traditional announcement, having an elopement announcement before the wedding and sending a card to those you wish to tell is always a classic way. Creating a beautiful elopement announcement card is very similar to making a great wedding announcement card. The most important aspect of it is deciding how you want to announce it and basing your card on that. If you want to announce it before the big day, potentially creating an elopement invitation, you will want to share all the details of where and when, along with everything else you feel is important to include. Picking the right photo is extremely important, as wedding announcement photos can really paint a picture of how the big day will go. If you are planning to have a destination elopement, showing a scene like the one you will be having the ceremony at can excite guests and ensure they are ready for a very special ceremony. While the picture is very important, having a cute elopement announcement will ensure every recipient is excited for your big day, no matter if they are invited or not. There are tons of options out there, and it fully depends on the vibe and personality of you and your spouse.

Announcing Your Elopement After the Ceremony

An emerging trend in elopements is sending out an announcement after your big day. This often includes an invitation to an elopement reception announcement so your friends can all join you to celebrate. One of the best ways to do this is to create a wedding announcement postcard, where you use the best photo from your event and send it out to people as a postcard from the location. This will show people the beauty of your ceremony and give you space on the back to invite them to anything in the future you would like to have. Making a wedding reception announcement is much easier than a full announcement, as it can be informal and just invite people to a big celebration, but it is still important to choose an appropriate picture. To do this, it is a good idea to find other announcements with the correct vibe and look at wedding announcement photo ideas. Some companies have pre-designed announcements for convenience, like Minted that are user-friendly, customizable, and easily accessible.


Overall, to create the best elopement announcement, it is truly up to you to fit the theme and nature of your wedding, but choosing the right avenue to go about it can make or break how it is received by your family and friends.

A few suggestions for getting started would be to create elopement cards. You will be able to find the best invitation card options at Zazzle or WithJoy.