Wedding Invitation Templates

Wedding Invitation Templates

Wedding Invitation Templates

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Now that you’ve officially figured out your guest list, the hard part is over. Let us help you make the invitation process smooth sailing, easy, and convenient. In this post, you will find ample information and links that can make this possible. We’ve organized a portfolio of sites that provide wedding invitation templates that can work for any price range or budget that a couple can have! There’s even some linked that give you the option to send you invitations paper-free if you’re looking to save on delivery cost or go environmentally friendly! Our collection of invitation template sources is selected with each of you in mind so that everyone can find the perfect invitations for the perfect day. Whatever you’re looking for, we’ve already thought of it. No matter the price range, quality remains a top priority.

Frugal & Fetching

For those looking to lower the costs per invitation, this is just for you! Here, we include a couple of businesses that we feel best exemplify reducing costs for invitations while maintaining a high quality. We understand that some couples might not want to manually stamp and mail each individual invitation, and we totally get it. In addition to traditional paper invites, we’ve included some companies that allow you to customize and email your invitations. Your RSVP can be completely taken care of online!

Truly Engaging

The Truly Engaging team is perfect for you if you’re looking for lower prices and interested in supporting small family businesses. Not only do they specialize in invitations, but they also have hundreds of options for place cards, menus, programs, guest books, and more! Truly Engaging offers a free Wedding Essentials Sample Kit for all their wedding invitation templates/stationary. You can order a fully personalized sample invite to see if you like it before you buy. In addition to this unique offer, we noticed more aspects of this site that set it apart. They have a variety of unconventional shapes to choose from for your invitations. These seem more modern and elegant than the standard letter/rectangular format. Each template can be customized in any color, not just the palettes that the templates recommend. There’s much more flexibility when choosing the perfect style.

Paperless Post

Paperless Post is an online invitations company based in New York City. They provide a range of simple, elegant, and luxury online invitations while maintaining an eco-friendly presence. They’ve been known to partner with multiple designer brands, such as Oscar de La Renta, Kate Spade New York, to create excellent, unique invites for a fraction of the price that it would cost to mail paper ones. Choose designer brands with designer graphics quality for less money! Not only will you be impressed by the user-friendly templates and online process, but so will your friends and family that receive these beautiful invites.

Utah Announcements

Going local makes the the delivery and turnaround rate for your invitations faster than you can imagine. Utah Announcements, based in Lindon, UT, has some of the best customer service ratings out of all the online invitation template companies in Utah. They offer free one-on-one consultations with members of their design team to help you create exactly what you want. Each order of invitations comes with free matching envelopes and seals. In addition, Utah Announcements offer 10% off of your first order! They also do convenient rush orders for local customers that cost much less than the average rush order pricing at a larger company who cares less about customer service.

low budget wedding invitation templates                    low budget wedding invitation templates

Affordable & Attractive

For some more mid-tier level invitations, these websites are the ones for you. These websites provide high quality invitations at a lower price than their competitors, and fit almost any needs of a normal invitation! These websites allow custom shapes and sizes that are perfect for whatever type of invitation is desired.

Minted Weddings

The first website chosen is Minted Weddings, which provides users with multiple discount codes to go along with their large selection of invitations. Not only do they provide free samples, they allow for a large variety of invitation options. From shape, format, color, and other customization options, you will surely find something you enjoy. They also provide the option to create and add a custom press on you invitation, to add that personal touch other invitations lack. With many different themes to choose from, any type of wedding could find an invitation that fits right for them!

Basic Invite

Another website that allows for affordable and attractive wedding invitations is Basic Invite. This site allows the user to find invitation cards on sale and order them in groups of 25. With some being even less than a dollar, these fancy wedding invitations are a great grab on a budget, while still keeping that fancy feel. With all of the customization allowed for each of these inexpensive options, the invitations could be a great fit for anybody. The site also allows shoppers to order samples, giving the customer a hands on feel on whether or not they like the invitation. With the great selection of affordable options, and engaged couple can find the right invitations for them. With the added options of other invitations like holidays and baby showers, if the cards worked great the first time, you know they would be great for other events.

Shine Invitations

For the final affordable site, Shine Invitations is another amazing option for invitations. With a price point higher than the first two, these luxury invitations may lean toward the more expensive side of invitations. This higher price point does allow for quick shipping on these custom invitations, as well as loads of customizable options. Shine Invitations has a team of designers that help the customer create the perfect invitation for any wedding. With many options to match the rest of your wedding set, this option is great for the extra money it may cost over the other affordable options!

mid budget wedding invitation templates             mid budget wedding invitation templates

Lavish & Luxurious

For those who want have the budget to allow for more luxurious  designs, we have just the right options for you! All these services offer fully customizable invitations, some starting with templates, and some starting from scratch. There are digital, letterpress, and foil-pressed options to choose from giving your invitations a more luxurious design and look. If you are willing to spend more for lavish wedding invitations, we guarantee your guests will never want to throw away your unique, one-of-a-kind invitation.

The Mandate Press

If you’re looking for unique and custom wedding invitation templates, The Mandate Press is an amazing option. They make all the invites by hand through a letterpress making each invitation unique. This process creates a three-dimensional surface that is reminiscent of something more substantial than paper. Each one is handmade and made with care and artistry. You have hundreds of card stock types options, you get to choose the color of ink, and you get to select complementary envelopes to complete the process. The Mandate Press team guarantees you creative one-of-a-kind custom letterpress invitations. They’re based in Salt Lake City, Utah making making the delivery time faster and more efficient. If you are willing to spend a little extra on amazing customizable invitations made with love and care, this service is for you!

Beacon Lane

If you are looking for a template to use while also being able to add your own touch, Beacon Lane is for you! They offer a wide variety of different wedding-style templates you can choose from. Once you have chosen, you get to work with a designer, giving you one-on-one time to perfect your design. This includes customizing the wording, the fonts, the inks, and the materials. After that, they offer a free assembly that is included in every order! They also offer samples allowing you to see the invitation you mighty get before making the final decision to order. Many other past customers have had great experiences with this service and have mentioned the total turnaround time is top-tier. If you want elegant, customizable, one-of-a-kind invitations, this service is a great choice!

Lily & Roe Co.

For those who don’t mind spending more, Lily & Roe is the service for you. They offer three different styles of wedding invitations: digital press, letterpress, and foil-pressed. First, the digital press option is the least expensive for timeless, elegant, and seamless designs. Crafted from luxurious paper, experienced designers tailor each invitation template to your unique style with customizable colors, fonts, and monograms. Their letterpress option is more expensive than the digital option, but it provides a more sophisticated and traditional design. Each invitation is professionally printed on heirloom-quality paper products meant to withstand the test of time. Lastly is the foil-pressed option. This option is their most expensive but most luxurious. The foil material adds another level to your invitations. It makes them look classic, timeless, and elegant. If you want to ensure that your guest’s first impressions are extraordinary, these invitations are for you!

high budget wedding invitation templates               high budget wedding invitation templates

In Closing…

It is so important to us at that you have a simple and carefree wedding planning experience. We are so excited to help you have the best wedding possible. No matter your price range, we ensure top notch quality. We know how stressful it can be planning your big day. We hope that the information we have provided about different wedding invitation templates options have helped make your planning process a little easier! Stay tuned for future postings on our blog at, and make sure to follow us on our Pinterest page for more visual inspo!