Best Seasonal Elopement Guide for Utah

Best Seasonal Elopement Guide for Utah

Seasonal Elopement Guide for Utah.

Seasonal Elopement Guide for Utah: A key factor to many couples’ date to get married is the weather. Beautiful flowers, green grass, and blue skies can be seen in nearly every wedding post you see online. However, the less traditional approach can be just as beautiful. We are going to walk you through the process of planning an amazing elopement no matter the time of year.

Utah Guide: Summer Elope

Let’s start off our Seasonal Elopement Guide for Utah, with the most popular option when it comes to elopements, the summer. Summers in Utah can be incredibly hot, with average temperatures soaring to the mid-90s. For your summer elopement in Utah, we recommend a gorgeous mountain retreat. Locals to Salt Lake City can easily take their elopement up one of our amazing Cottonwood canyons. Up these canyons, you will find four unique ski resorts that would love to help organize your elopement. Up Big Cottonwood Canyon you have Brighton and Solitude. Up Little Cottonwood Canyon you have Snowbird and Alta. All four of these resorts hold large and small personal events.

If you are looking to get a bit more adventuress, look no further than the Uinta mountain range. Mirror Lake sits deep inside the Uinta’s and is an amazing destination for your adventurous elopement. With easy access from the Mirror Lake Highway, you can get as many or as few guests there as you would like. Mirror Lake is just about an hour and a half east of Salt Lake City. At Mirror Lake you will find a quaint picnic area that hosts 15 picnic tables with an amazing view of the lake.

(Photo of Mirror Lake. Picture by: Matt Morgan. Link Here)

Utah Guide: Winter Elope

Now let’s jump into the most difficult season for outdoor elopements, the winter. Utah is known for its snowy winters. Greatest Snow on Earth was trademarked in 1975. But don’t let the snow scare you off, Utah hosts a wide variety of climates. Locals to Salt Lake City can take a quick four-hour trip down south and they will find themselves in gorgeous Sothern Utah. The winter is the best time to have a Sothern Utah elopement. The weather is nice and cool, whereas the summers can be scorching hot. Zions National Park has a variety of picnic areas to choose from.

If you aren’t looking to get so off of the beaten path, St. George has some great parks and plenty of great accommodations for you and your tight-nit group of loved ones. A personal favorite park of mine is Pioneer Park. This park does take reservations and has some beautiful picnic areas.

(Picture of Pioneer Park, St. George. Photo by:

Utah Guide: Spring Elope

If you are looking to have a springtime elopement, we recommend checking out Red Canyon, Utah. Red Canyon is at the base of Bryce Canyon in southern Utah. Red Canyon is a bit higher elevation than other parts of Southern Utah, so the Spring and Fall are ideal here. There are a number of Pay-to-Stay campsites as well as BLM campsites. In Red Canyon, you will find yourself surrounded by beautiful red rock and pine trees. The higher elevation makes Red Canyon an amazing option for your outdoorsy elopement.

(Bryce Canyon Amphitheater, Inspiration Point. Photo by: Depositphotos. Link Here)

Utah Guide: Fall Elope

I saved my personal favorite season for last. The fall is a beautiful time of year with all of its amazing colors. There are countless locations for a gorgeous elopement in the fall so we narrowed it down to just two. Our first recommendation will have to be the Alpine Loop up American Fork Canyon. The Alpine Loop stays open until late October, so make sure you plan your elopement for early-mid fall. Throughout the loop, you will find numerous picnic sites and campgrounds that would make for a breathtaking elopement venue. We personally recommend taking a drive around the loop to find the location that speaks to you, plus it is just an amazing drive.

Our second suggestion will have to be Eden, Utah. Pineview Reservoir sits in the valley of Eden, creating an amazing scene especially when paired with the vibrant fall colors. At the reservoir, you will find the Middle Inlet Picnic Area. This picnic area sits inside the reservoir almost like an island, making for a breathtaking seen for your elopement. This location does take reservations and would be a great location for your big day.


(Alpine Loop, Utah. Photo By: Clint Losee. Link Here)


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